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UCP – Consulting geologists Roßmann

Since 1993, UCP stands for highly competent, independent, freelance services in the areas of contaminated land management and land recycling as well as geotechnics and building land.

Experience pays off

The public appointment and swearing-in of Peter Roßmann as a publicly appointed and sworn expert (German: ö. B. u. v.) in accordance with § 36 GewO for “Contaminated Sites – Exploration and Assessment” by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Eastern Württemberg in March 2005 guarantees quality and proven know-how.

Based on many years of experience, UCP offers expert advice for projects of all sizes. Hundreds of projects have already been successfully realized on a wide variety of issues. A broad customer base proves the trust of our clients.

As goal-oriented geologists, we advise you in a sound, sustainable and future-proof way. In order to obtain reliable field data for meaningful expertise, certified geologists and experienced construction technicians inspect both buildings and the ground at UCP.

Fresh ideas for commercial space

Reactivate unused commercial space and fill it with life – we are passionate about it. But even “normal” projects are close to our hearts. We are also happy to protect your building ground risks – and ensure solid ground under your feet at all times.

UCP History

The discovery of the environment as added value

At the beginning of the 1980s, research on potential contaminated sites became socially relevant. Since 1993 UCP stands for independent, freelance services in the fields of contaminated site management and land recycling as well as geotechnics and building land. We take care of an area that is becoming increasingly valuable for daily life: a healthy environment.

From the solvent to the overall concept

Occupational waste issues at industrial sites, but also in small commercial uses have long been a topic of social interest today. However, with the burgeoning awareness of the environment among ever larger sections of the population, it was not until the 1980s and 1990s that there was a growing need for protective measures – not least against environmentally harmful substances such as non-combustible solvents (CHC). At the same time, other challenges were gas station locations, abandoned refuse sites and wild landfills: ideal starting conditions for UCP consulting geologists Roßmann.


After the turn of the millennium, our environmental tasks shifted to sites of the petroleum industry, where stricter technical safety requirements for dealing with flammable liquids had created a need for action.

Continuously optimized standards

In the course of development, country-specific guidelines for the classification of contaminated sites were adopted – for example in Berlin, Hamburg and the Netherlands. It was followed by contaminated land manuals of water management and the CKW primer from Stuttgart. In 1993 there was the so-called “Orientierungswerte-Verordnung” (Regulation on reference values) from Baden-Württemberg and at the federal level in 1998 the Federal Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Act.

At UCP, we have accompanied these developments and constantly evolved. That is why we have always kept to the latest revision of directives, enforcement aids and laws – and have been able to continuously expand our experience on usage and protection related risk assessments as well as the effectiveness and proportionality of conservative and innovative remediation procedures. Our expertise is always up to date. This benefits our customers – and the environment.