Act wisely in case of damage

If contaminated sites are remedied prematurely, avoidable losses occur. By acting proactively for our customers, we help to avoid unnecessary costs. In the case of current incidents, we take over the claims management and coordinate emergency measures for the protective objects soil and water.

Revision and claims management

Contaminated land remediation measures are sometimes taken in anticipation – without conceptual site models, plausibility checks and secure assessment of their protective goods and use-related need. Such quick shots often do not bring the desired success. Mistakes in contaminated land management inevitably lead to unnecessary costs.

Secured hazard assessment

Resilient assessments of hazards as well as reliable cost and effectiveness assessments for measures to eliminate them form the central points in the management of contaminated sites. In our experience, the efficiency and effectiveness of renovations can often be significantly improved by simple technical means. By the way: We take a qualified opinion with expert opinions. A loyal second opinion can be helpful to you.

Selected projects in the field of revision

> Revision at AKER Spedition GmbH & Co. KG

> Revision of a residential complex on Wettbach

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Successful revision at AKER Spedition GmbH & Co. KG

For the elimination of an oil pollution at the surface waters from the year 2006 a comprehensive renovation was commissioned. The insurer commissioned a revision from UCP, which resulted in considerably less extensive results than the originally commissioned expert office.

The project

The AKER Spedition is located on the banks of the river Schonach in the Black Forest. In 2006, an oil pollution was detected on the surface waters, caused by the leakage of diesel fuel. The expert firm commissioned by the insurance company promptly initiated comprehensive and costly remedial measures. Without questioning the effect of the oil remediation, the bureau also considered it necessary to rehabilitate it after eight years of oil extraction. The insurer ordered a revision by UCP in 2014.

Profilschnitt im Rahmen einer Revision in Schonach

According to the file, the need for a comprehensive renovation was neither verifiable nor comprehensible. Protective material and use-related risk assessments by UCP on contamination with diesel revealed no need for the continuation of defensive measures in 2014. Groundwater monitoring by 2015 confirms the facts.

Under professional acceptance, no further investigation of the facts or redevelopment had to be carried out. Parallel to the public searches by UCP, in the achievements of an expert it was discovered that besides technical incompetence also suspicion on manipulations had occured, which led with legal assistance to its use.

Our services

  • Plausibility checks of contaminated site work – also after file
  • Plausible and reliable expertise with secured conceptual location models
  • Competent advice and support of lawyers and the insurance industry, weighing up legal risks
  • Expertise to authorities

Advantages for the customer

  • Defense of expensive refurbishment under professional acceptance
  • Performance monitoring
  • Savings in six-figure height

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Successful revision of a residential complex on the Wettbach

At the property with residential use in Schwäbisch Hall, pollutants in the soil and groundwater had been discovered down to a great depth. The revision by UCP revealed that the main cause of pollution was a faulty well.

The project

When the condominium was built, soil contamination was discovered that came from a former lubricant factory. Dangerous substances with low solubility in water and water had apparently interfered in the deep circulating groundwater. Earlier owners and successors were no longer available.

Revision einer Wohnanlage am Wettbach

The pre-auditors recommended a hydraulic safeguard to prevent danger – without any knowledge of their long-term effect. The community of owners initiated a revision by UCP.

By using a camera-driving-device leaks were recognized at the defense well of the pre-expert. The reason for the massive pollution of pollutants in the deep groundwater was consequently the direct mixing of oily leachate over the faulty well.

The pre-auditors eliminated the shortcomings by producing a standard groundwater monitoring station by over-drilling. Our research then showed groundwater findings that were below 20 percent compared to the initial loads. According to our expertise, the authority waived further security measures and accepted pure groundwater monitoring.

Our services

  • Plausibility checks of contaminated site work – also after file
  • Expertise at eye level and loyal interaction with project participants and authorities
  • Geohydraulic research and diagnosis at groundwater measuring points
  • Execution of immission pumping tests
  • Resilient expertise taking into account legal scope for action
  • Continuing groundwater monitoring for site-priority pollutants with subsequent revaluation

Advantages for the customer

  • Defense of a long-term hydraulic safety measure with possible pollutant carry-over into greater depths and their negative consequences
  • Cost savings with otherwise cumulative expenses for cleaning systems, maintenance, energy and monitoring costs
  • An expensive long-term security measure was averted