How well do you know your property?

When selling land, there is usually an obligation to provide information regarding possible contaminated sites. When transferring commercial space, legally binding research is therefore indispensable. Therefore it´s very useful if you know professionals who not only provide thorough advice, but also develop a professional solution: UCP.

This is how the property transfer succeeds

We examine investment or sales projects on public or private environmental risks. Because ignorance about contaminated sites does not protect against potential loss of value or image – up to effects on creditworthiness. For land sales in particular applies the motto: Better-to-be-safe. In order to determine the current market value, to prevent legal disputes or to check the insurance coverage, we develop meaningful expertises on the condition of soil and water – and take a closer look at the structure of environmentally relevant substance contents.

Care and all risks in mind

For industrial plants requiring approval we compile the required information about the initial condition. Our research leads to reliable expert appraisals with professional acceptance. We are also happy to advise you on the environmental law of contracts and develop strategies to avoid future environmental risks.

Selected projects in the field of real estate traffic

> Real estate transactions at Linde AG / Linde Gas

> Real estate traffic at the Autohaus Mulfinger GmbH

Logo Linde Group

Successful land transactions at Linde AG / Linde Gas

Linde Gas is a leading supplier in Germany and Europe. In the districts of Esslingen, Ludwigsburg and Neu-Ulm, the company has dissolved three acetylene plants. For the real estate traffic, a risk assessment was required.

The project

With the participation of competent authorities, Linde Gas shut down three acetylene plants with supply and former production facilities. The properties with a total area of around 40,000 m² should be sold for commercial use.

Grundstücksverkehr bei Linde AG/Linde Gas

Our services

  • Elaboration of meaningful risk assessments with regard to public-law claims and intended after-use
  • Competent dialogue with specialist authorities
  • Characterization of waste management requirements during dismantling
  • Waste management monitoring and documentation when clearing the properties
  • Support in marketing – discussion among equals with expert advisers from prospective buyers
  • Continuing orders for waste management requirements for structural alterations in the district of Tuttlingen and in the state capital of Munich

Advantages for the customer

  • Timely processing with the consent of the authority
  • Simplified marketing of real estate
  • Reduced future risks based on knowledge about the nature of property transfer
  • Image maintenance through open and legally compliant information
    Clarity and security in the real estate

Logo Autohaus Mulfinger

Successful property traffic at the Autohaus Mulfinger GmbH

A long-time automotive dealer wanted to dissolve its operation in 2010. In order to safeguard the transfer of substance-related substances in soil and groundwater as well as their dangers, UCP carried out research on private law and public law risks – in partnership with buyers and sellers.

The project

The car dealership Mulfinger planned 2010 the takeover of the motor trade. The property consisted of around 12,500 m2 with a comprehensive workshop area and a disused service station. There were indications of use-related pollutant contents in the soil. In addition, a flood in 2016 could cause damage that could also affect the subsoil. Since 2011, we have been accompanying the company in geologically relevant issues.

Grundstücksverkehr bei der Autohaus Mulfinger GmbH

Our services

  • Site inspections, file searches and drafting of investigation concepts in dialogue with project participants
  • Meaningful risk assessments with regard to public-law claims with acceptance by authorities
  • Cost estimates of waste management requirements under purely private law aspect in future structural changes
  • Mediation in the interaction of building, use and ground in real estate traffic
  • Continuing orders to delineate potential damage from the 2016 flood

Advantages for the customer

  • Reduced risks based on knowledge of the nature of property transfer
  • Clarity in the insurance protection with demarcation to possible later damage events
  • Image maintenance through open and legally compliant information
  • Clarity and security in the real estate traffic!