Environmental protection with careful consideration

Soil, air and water need protection and care. Unfortunately, in earlier years, people often carelessly dealt with it. The environmental consequences must be recognized, analyzed and eliminated – goal-oriented and usage-related. UCP develops economically as well as ecologically sensible solutions for contaminated site management.

Individual and sensible solutions

Many business locations need to be adapted to today’s environmental standards in order to maintain their value in the long term. Environmental hazards from previous uses can range from the building´s structure over the ground to the groundwater at a greater depth. Well-founded risk analysis and reliable expertises are needed, because premature remediation steps often lead to disproportionately expensive measures. That’s why we develop a tailor-made complete solution for every project, offering site owners long-term security. Upon request, we will bring certified disposal, rehabilitation and civil engineering partners on board and organize a cost-effective overall solution in close cooperation with clients and authorities.

Value preservation through legal certainty

UCP researches and evaluates with high expertise risks from environmental hazards in soil and groundwater. On the basis of many years of experience, we create clear risk analysis and reliable expert opinions on individual case and protective goods related requirements for remedial needs. For the realization of usage-oriented refurbishments, we evaluate conservative and innovative procedures in terms of cost and impact. We develop a remediation plan with regulatory acceptance, which ensures planning and cost security. Technical services are advertised, managed and monitored by us.

Selected projects in the contaminated site management

> Contaminated site management at oelheld GmbH

> Contaminated site management at DC DruckChemie GmbH

Logo der Ölheld GmbH

Successful contaminated site management at oelheld CmbH

Since 1887, oelheld GmbH has been developing and producing lubricants in Stuttgart. Prior to 1985, the long-term use of combustible liquids resulted in pollutant discharges in the soil that had an effect on the groundwater. In 2014, the extensive refurbishment measures were successfully completed.

The project

The company´s property of approximately 6,000 m2 is located in the protection area of the Stuttgart mineral springs. In 1944, the complex was destroyed by an air raid. Among other things, oelheld has also built a public gas station on the site. In the 1960s, the use of non-flammable solvents as volatile chlorinated hydrocarbon (CHC) for cleaning purposes was recommended by the authorities to prevent possible water pollution from mineral oil products. In 1983, the discovery of CHCs in the water of the mineral springs was the trigger for an intense investigation of the contaminated site. In 2002, oelheld also took over the adjoining grounds of the former German-American petroleum company.

Altlastenmanagement bei der oelheld GmbH

Until 2002 partial remediation took place through oil recovery, soil vapor extraction and soil replacement during construction activities. According to findings of the European INCORE study of 2003, the suspicion of groundwater damage due to local mineral oil products could be solved no longer with certainty. Extensive spreads of exposure to the most frequent pollutant groups are, however, regionally known in near-surface groundwater.

Research was carried out in dialogue with the authorities on potential sources of damage, which generate additional exposure to site-specific pollutants in the flowing groundwater. In the gas station area, the relevant causes of the contaminated site were determined. A decontamination by soil replacement in case of possible construction measures was also accepted by the authorities.

From 2013 to 2014, the construction project “Technikum” was planned at the gas station area. The renovation of the area could be completed in 2014. Aftercare until 2016 has confirmed the success of the refurbishment.

Our services

Development of a conceptual location model with plausibility checks of geological, geohydraulic and analytical findings.

  • Investigations by immissionary pump trials in the downstream area as well as determination of protective goods and use-related rehabilitation zones
  • Preparation of a reorganization plan with professional acceptance
  • Participation in tendering and award of refurbishment work
  • Planning and monitoring of hydraulic securing in the protection area of the Stuttgart mineral springs
  • Waste management and monitoring of remediation work in the contaminated area
  • Foundation inspections
  • Creation of reliable facts for the legal assistance for the claim of the former insurer
  • Research and assessment of the dissolution of the filling station network on third-party sites and secured return to the property owners

Advantages for the customer

  • Added value of the property
  • Acceptance by the authorities for an efficient remediation in combination with a construction project in the mineral springs protection area
  • Target-oriented communication with the participants of the project
  • Friendly agreement with the former insurer through a settlement proposal with pro rata reimbursement of costs
  • Cost savings through synergy effects from the combination of contaminated site and ground investigation
  • Smooth processing when closing several public gas stations that were set up on leased land (before 2005)

Logo der DruckChemie

Successful contaminated site management at DruckChemie GmbH

DC DruckChemie GmbH in Ammerbuch near Tübingen develops, produces, supplies and disposes of chemical-technical means and accessories for the graphics industry. The company has been active in environmental protection since 1996 with simultaneous remediation of contaminated sites.

The project

The company’s 20,000 m2 property is located within a water conservation area. Up to 1,000 m3 of dangerous ingredients must be stored here. The production requires more than 100 truck movements every day. The management of contaminated sites had to be implemented without any influence on the operations.

Altlastenmanagement bei der DC DruckChemie

Volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC) were discovered in the soil in the 1990s and could be traced in the flowing groundwater. Cause of damage and occurrence were specified in time. The insurer was on board from the beginning.

To prevent the further spread of these volatile substances, until 1998 soil vapor extraction was carried out. In a dialogue with authorities, the discharges in the groundwater were secured by hydraulic methods and, from 2002 to 2006, based on usage or up to drinking water quality. The follow-up and supplementary inspections until 2014 confirmed the successful refurbishment.

Our services

  • Secured research and risk assessment for solvent exposure with possible external influence
  • Development of a rehabilitation concept during active use
  • Design and execution of soil vapor extraction to prevent future spread of CHC
  • Pumping tests with geohydraulic evaluation with simultaneous inspection of the usability of groundwater digestions
  • Model dimensioning of required withdrawal quantities and cleaning services for a successful groundwater protection
  • Tendering and awarding of suitable wastewater treatment plants with discharge into surface waters
  • Monitoring the renovation
  • Contaminated site management with regulatory acceptance – in dialogue with insurer with regard to assumption of costs
  • Contract extension for searches on land purchases and ground investigation

Advantages for the customer

  • Appreciation of the property
  • Elimination of usage-related problems from the past
  • Image-promoting change to a production according to applicable regulations and certified specialist waste management company
  • Smooth renovation without impact on production
  • Delimitation of possible causes of damage in case of insurance changes