We get to the bottom of things

Without competent technical assessment, almost every subsoil poses a risk. Mistakes in founding often lead to serious damage to the structure, which can only be reversed costly afterwards. Our holistic analyzes of the interaction between the subsoil and the structure provide a reliable basis for planning, dimensioning and construction.

Better consulting us before the groundbreaking ceremony

UCP conducts economically sensible, sustainable start-ups, supervises and oversees the execution work. Our geotechnical assessments protect against supplements, avoid disputes and prevent construction delays. Our clear expertise ensures long-term stability and usability of the respective construction project. Object-related subsoil reports in accordance with DIN 4020 contain all information that planners require in conjunction with DIN 1054 and the supplementary standards – of course always up to date.

Advantages through professional planning

Economic founding recommendations are always presented comprehensibly. We arrange the coordination with other specialist planners expediently. Of course, we also produce geotechnical design reports according to DIN EN 1997-1 with stability and usability proofs for shallow foundations. On the basis of our design plans, we develop economic deep foundations with the structural planners of our customers.

Selected projects in the field of geotechnical engineering

> Geotechnical engineering at ZF Lenksysteme GmbH

> Geotechnical engineering at oelheld GmbH

> Research of building ground for residential buildings

Logo Bosch ZFLS

Successful geotechnical engineering at ZF Lenksysteme GmbH

ZF Lenksysteme operates its Plant 7 in the Gügling industrial area of Schwäbisch Gmünd. With the development in the year 1990 also a comprehensive terrain modeling took place for future expansion possibilities. In 2010 there was a need for additional production capacity – UCP was involved in subsoil investigations and founding consultations.

The project

The ZF factory site on the Gügling was prepared as early as 1990 for extensions from gravel and local ground fillings. In 2010 preparations began for the extension “North” with production halls in a total size of 11,000 m².

Geotechnik bei der ZF Lenksysteme GmbH

Our services

  • Processing of the file stock from development reports
  • Adherence to deadlines research and assessment of the condition of loose and hard rock as well as mineral fillings with preliminary unexpected soil build-up
  • Geotechnical report according to DIN 4020
  • Object and location-related foundation recommendation
  • Recommendations for the construction of traffic areas
  • Participation in planning and design of deep foundations and traffic areas
  • Monitoring and acceptance of bored pile foundations
  • Government management and involvement in the investigation of ordnance
  • Soil and disposal management
  • Contract extension to subsoil assessments with founding consultancy for the expansion by a logistics center with 6,000 m2 by Robert Bosch GmbH in 2015
  • Contract extensions for the assessment of traffic areas, subsoil investigations and foundation consultations in plants 2 and 4

Advantages for the customer

  • Cost savings through location proximity and knowledge
  • Adherence to deadlines Assessment, monitoring and acceptance of viable and economic foundations
  • Short communication channels and goal-oriented dialogue with architects, builders and participating structural designers
  • Cost savings in operation and entertainment

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Successful geotechnical engineering at oelheld GmbH

Since 1887, oelheld GmbH has been developing and producing lubricants in Stuttgart. For the new “technical center” in the Neckar valley and in the mineral spring protection area of Stuttgart, various peculiarities had to be considered in order to protect the mineral water inventory. UCP organized the geotechnical process.

The project

For the construction project, quaternary cover layers had to be used for foundations and the protective and sealing function of underlying semi-solid rocks had to be maintained to protect the deeper lying mineral water resources. The technical center is surrounded by traffic areas and buildings. It had to be equipped with an underground car park and realized in conjunction with a remedial work. The building object intervenes in the aquifer with high permeability. Its location requires a low-deformation excavation pit. UCP gladly accepted the demanding task in the mineral spring protection area of Stuttgart.

Baugrundrecherche bei der oelheld GmbH in Stuttgart

Our services

  • Processing the file stock with supplementary research on object-related geotechnical and hydraulic conditions
  • Research and assessment of geotechnical properties of loose rocks and semi-solid rocks – even after regional experience
  • Creation of a subsoil model taking into account groundwater conditions, excavation protection measures and load transfer with parallel remediation of contaminated sites – for a safe and economic building in the geotechnical category GK 3
  • Information on planning and participation in the design of excavation safety measures and underwater concrete floor
  • Participation in the granting of civil engineering, earthworks and ordnance exploration
  • Monitoring of earthworks and foundation work as well as waste management measures
  • Specialist construction management for contaminated sites and water management requirements

Advantages for the customer

  • Cost savings through location proximity and knowledge
  • On-time assessment, monitoring and acceptance of the construction project
  • Acceptance by authorities
  • Short communication channels and goal-oriented dialogue with architects, builders and participating structural designers 

Successful subsoil searches for residential buildings

Detached house in Schwäbisch Gmünd

In Schwäbisch Gmünd in 2016, the construction of a detached house on a slope in promising half-altitude was planned. In the context of the residents, the terms tuber marl and landslide repeatedly cropped up in this context. Damage to existing structures had already been incurred here. The development plan recommends obtaining geological information which is also part of the building permit. This required subsoil assessments for builders and architects.

Baugrundrecherche für ein Wohngebäude an einem Hang in Schwäbisch Gmünd

Our services

  • Object-related research of soil conditions with specification of characteristic geotechnical parameters, soil model and expertise according to DIN 4020 “Geotechnical report”
  • Variant study of shallow foundations with settlement calculations according to load distribution by structural engineer
  • Technical planning dialogue with architects and structural designers on building structures with various geometries

Advantages for the customer

  • Local experience, location proximity
  • Cost security and monitoring in earthworks
  • Short communication paths
  • Open and competent dialogue with architects and structural engineers

Detached house in Waldstetten

In this project from 2016, the site conditions are known to be highly variable – from peaty soils to swellable or very hard rocks. The structure cuts near the surface into hard rock with increasing quality to depth. In order to achieve cost security for a building with a basement, the necessary soil investigations could be implemented cost-consciously using simple technical procedures.

Bodenuntersuchung für ein Einfamilienhaus in Waldstetten

Our services

  • Preparation of a geotechnical investigation report with information on economic foundations, waterproofing of buildings and required earthworks, including mass estimates

Advantages for the customer

  • Local experience and proximity to the location
  • Cost security with a comparatively low investment in relation to the construction sum
  • Smooth civil engineering work
  • Foundation set in stone – without supplements and dispute

Housing box in Marbach-on-Neckar

At the train station in Marbach-on-Neckar, in 2016, space for 140 refugees was to be created in the shortest possible time. As a follow-up company for the office entrusted with contaminated site issues, UCP took over the building site assessments and start-up advice for the planned container solutions. As is often the case in railway areas, the underground is not uniformly filled up due to previous uses and terrain models. The natural soils below are also highly compressible and sensitive to settlement, which is common in valley areas. An undesirable slope could already result in structures with low loads.

Grundbruch- und Setzungsberechnungen

Our services

  • Creation of a meaningful ground model with specification of characteristic geotechnical parameters, designation of homogeneous areas, also taking waste management requirements into account, including founding recommendations
  • Extension of orders for building site and foundation reports according to EC 7-1 (geotechnical design report) with proof of stability and suitability for use
  • Monitoring of essential foundation- and earthworks

Advantages for the customer

  • Close to the location
  •  Short and open communication channels with all project participants
  • Timely consulting services

Apartment building in Sillenbuch

In 2015, an apartment building with conventional shallow foundations was planned on the so called Fildern near the Stuttgart Airport. Preliminary studies had shown that the parcel had been exposed to ordnance. In connection with the necessary technical explorations, the floor structure could be researched. The loose rocks (“Filder loam”) were unsuitable for the initially planned shallow foundations. All problems could be solved with an elastically embedded base plate.

Recherche Bodenaufbau Mehrfamilienhaus

Our services

  • Support in the awarding of services for ordnance detection by certified specialist companies
  • Expertise on soil properties in accordance with DIN 4020 “Geotechnical report”
  • Recommendations for an economic foundation variant
  • Information on characteristic geotechnical parameters
  • Information on homogeneous areas and waste management requirements for natural substance enrichment in the course of earthworks, construction pit design and water drainage, waterproofing of buildings, earthquake hazard and rainwater management
  • Extension of the order for the dimensioning of an elastically embedded base plate after specification of load distributions and in coordination with the planners involved in accordance with DIN 4018

Advantages for the customer

  • Cost savings through synergy effects
  • No delays, addenda, and disputes
  • Economic foundation and land utilization with punctual processing through goal-oriented dialogue between the specialist planners involved
  •  “Bombproof” – and free of construction damage